Earn more money online at home: Checklist 6

Make Money Online With Freelancing

Make Money Online With Freelancing

Make Money Online With Freelancing

Freelancing has increasingly become the choice of people to escape the 9-5 working hour routine. It has become popular within the present generation. Subsequently, it has increased the trend of online job opportunities and literacy rate as well. The freelance revolution is large and growing; if you want to become a part of it, make sure to tick all the tasks on the checklist below:

Make Money Online Freelancing: The Basics

1. Firstly, analyze yourself and explore the skills and talent you have.
2. Ask yourself various questions,which can help you decide what to do in freelancing itself. What skills do you have? What do your friends say you are great at?
3. Choose your niche, understand the type of services you can and want to offer.
4. Become specific and sure about the services you offer.
5. Define what your ideal client looks like.

Make Money Online By Freelancing: Getting Started

1. Find yourself a fantastic site that can connect you to the freelancing world. Sites include: FreeLancer, Upwork, Guru iFreelance, ProBlogger and PeoplePer Hour
2. Regardless of which site you choose, work on updating your profile - this includes your portfolio, introducing your personality and skills.
3. Research suitable projects that you can confidently work on.

Make Money Online With Freelancing: Getting Work On Freelancer

1. Visit Freelancer.com
2. Go through the two available options to sign up with them.
3. Find the "sign up" button and click on the "I want to work button."
4. Provide your account details such as email address, username and password or you can also sign up by using your Facebook.com account.
5. Verify your account through your email.
6. Work on updating your profile  - (this is really important if you want to make money online with freelancing) this includes your portfolio, introducing your personality and skills.
7. Do this by clicking on the“Update your profile” button present in the email sent to you.
8. Find excellent and suitable projects for yourself.
9. Hover your mouse over the working link and click on browse projects.
10. Select your project of interest and click on “Bid now” icon

As I have said at the start, freelancing is big business today. I am sure there is something you could do ... isn' there?


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