Earn more money online at home: Checklist 13

Make Money Online With Inbox Pounds

Make Money Online With Inbox Pounds

Make Money Online With Inbox Pounds

Founded in the year 2012, Inbox Pounds is an online site and platform that pays people in reward for completing a plethora of online tasks. It has the slogan which says, “The online reward club that pays.” Offering great opportunities to people for earning money; InboxPounds can be your start to something great. Follow the checklist given below to understand the whole procedure:

Becoming A Member

1. Create a membership account. Do this just by visiting the site at www.inboxpounds.co.uk
2. Review the terms and conditions carefully.
3. Complete the primary sign up form; provide necessary information through profile surveys.
4. Click on the icon saying, "Join now."
5. Accept the £1 on your sign up and account completion.

How To Make Money On Inbox Pounds

1. Get paid for taking surveys on Inbox Pounds. Expect to make £1 an hour.
2. Give your personal information such as where you shop, how many credit cards you own etc.
3. Operate a separate email account to make money with Inbox Pounds.
4. Make money through more than just surveys. Make money by playing games for example.
5. Go to the site’s Game Menu bar and log in to your Inbox Pounds cash account.
6. From the games page, click on the World Winner games and then click on, “Join the fun” icon.
7. Deposit real money into your Inbox Pounds Cash Games Account.
8. For each pound you spend from your World Winner account balance, you earn cash between 1-4%.
9. Earn money by referring the site to your friends and family. Earn 10% commission on their earnings.
10. Earn money through searching.
11. Type in random words or phrases in the site’s search bar.


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