Earn more money online at home: Checklist 12

Make Money Online Using Swagbucks

Make Money Online Using Swagbucks

Make Money Online Using Swagbucks

Swagbucks pretty much defines the phrase, "easy money." It is tough to weed through all the online noise to find actual sites that pay you with money; Swagbucks is one such platform where you can earn from watching videos to carrying out surveys. If you want to join in on the money making here, be sure to look at our getting started checklist below:

Getting Started

1. Create an account at Swagbucks to start your earning journey.
2. Open this link https://www.swagbucks.com/.
3. Look for a sign-up form in the top right corner of the page. Click on it.
4. Sign up using your Facebook account or enter your email address.
5. Choose a suitable password and click, "Join."
6. Here you will receive a 30 SB sign-up bonus.
7. Locate the email in your mail and verify your Swagbucks account by clicking on the “Start earning more” box.
8. Finally, choose a security question, answer it, and you have created your account.
9. To log into your account visit, www.swagbucks.com and log-in using your password. You can also download the app from your App store for free.

Making Money Online With Swagbucks

1. Earn a $5 bonus in the first 60 days of your membership.
2. Once you achieve this, your bonus will be rewarded after one day of your qualification.
3. Earn by switching your default search engine to Swagbucks rather than Google or Bing.
4. For this, go to your browser’s address bar.
5. Right-click and choose edit search engines.
6. Under the other search engines, scroll down to spot Swagbucks and hover over it.
7. Click on the make default icon on the right of the row.
8. Then click done.
9. Earn 10-20 SB points forevery 10-20 searches. After six months of every day searching, thisc an equal to £300.
10. Watch videos at home and earn money. Get 3 SB per 30-minute video.
11. Fill out short surveys and earn around 40-100 SB.
12. Earn bonuses by completing daily goals and tasks.


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