Bonus Creation: Creating A Zero Cost Marketing Bonus

Zero Cost Marketing Bonus

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Why A Zero Cost Marketing Bonus?

Vendor Bonuses

If you’re a product vendor, the I’d imagine that you already know why you need to offer a zero cost marketing bonus along with your product. These are an excellent means to boost the perceived value of your product or deal. They likewise could substantially increase your conversion rates too!

A number of your buyers, no matter how excellent your product is, are hedging and waiting for one last nudge towards becoming a customer. Bonus offers can often be this difference between a purchaser and a page abandoner.

Then there are likewise those individuals who absolutely like the freebies for the bonuses’ sake and will actually evaluate your item based upon the number of bonuses offered.

So, it makes absolute sense, that ensuring you have an excellent amount of attractive bonuses can go a long way towards getting more sales.

Lastly, there is another, much less spoken about, advantage of bonuses. They serve as an excellent kind of “security” that you can provide in your guarantee statement. Few sellers do this, however it is extremely effective and makes the most of the trust you can build with potential buyers.

Essentially, what you do is you use your standard guarantee, such as a 30-day money back one, but then you make clear that you are going to “exceed and go beyond this” and “reverse the risk”. In this 2nd part of your guarantee you are going to make a guarantee that the buyers, upon requesting a refund, will get to keep all of the bonuses! If you actually calculate the $ value of these bonus offers at, for example, $300, then you can pitch it as a “100% cash back PLUS $300 back guarantee”.

You might be asking “won’t that just encourage people to buy with the full intent of asking for a refund just to get the perks totally free?” The response is YES. But, more notably, the quantity of people who will now purchase the item, and otherwise would not have, far surpasses the number of “expert refunders” you will attract.

Affiliate Bonuses

Affiliate Bonuses

You may be asking yourself, why should affiliates trouble themselves with bonus offers at all? After all, isn’t that the vendor’s responsibility? Well, that may make sense if you wish to be on the exact same even playing field as all the other affiliates contending to make the sale of the same product with their affiliate link. But is that really what you want? Of course it isn’t! You want to be ahead of the rest of the pack. And it’s been shown that offering bonuses, such as this, as an affiliate can increase your affiliate sales by a factor of 5!

However. You have to offer your audience a real need to use YOUR affiliate link instead of some other persons. This is especially the case these days when people’s inboxes are full of lots of online marketers pitching the very same product to them. Exactly what is it that sets you apart from the rest? Yep – your bonuses. That’s actually it. Unless the purchaser is your closest friend, all they really appreciate is which option provides the most value. And rightfully so!

So the way it works is that you create a quick and easy landing page, include the bonuses on it and right at the top you inform them, receive all these bonuses on this page when you buy “product ______ ” by means of my link. However you can’t simply slap a bunch of bonus offers on that page and expect them to buy through your link. Oh no, life isn’t that easy is it? You’ve got to do it in a manner that makes good sense in relation to the item you’re selling and that is exactly what we’ll be looking at now.

Keys to a Good Bonus

As discussed above, when you’re using bonuses as an affiliate you can’t just do so without any rhyme or reason. The exact same is true using bonuses as a vendor. There has actually got to be some context and rational to the bonuses.

Specifically, they have to have relevance, utility, and value. Not just one or two of these BUT all three. Lets expand on each of these a little further.


Bonus RelevanceYou have to remember that you are dealing with real, intelligent people here. When a buyer is considering an item, this buyer is well aware of the category and type of product and their thinking and expectations are lined up with a specific “sphere”. If the product is a list building type of product, they’re psychologically in the ‘zone’ of list building, lead generation or some other related area. If you were to present them with a bonus that is way outside of this sphere or zone, like a course on SEO for example, they’ll be switched on to a lack of relevance and they will very likely dismiss the product you are offering because of this! In truth, they may just think you’re simply dumb!

On the other side of the coin, if you give them bonuses such as landing page editors or a course on increasing their opt-in rate or a pack of lead magnets to utilize for list building, they will instantly acknowledge that as something appropriate to the list building product they are thinking of purchasing. If needed, you can stretch or “force” relevance for a category that is only “one step away” from the category of the product. An example of this would be, “hey after you begin building your list, you will need to begin marketing to them, so here’s a great free course on email marketing”.

With that one simple statement, whether you realize it or not, you have actually developed some form of relevance. It’s indirect, but it’s only removed from the product category by one step. Buyers will recognize the truthfulness of that relevance claim and it’ll likely ‘sit well’ with them.

If you aim to go too many of these steps or actions away from that initial item category however, like “if you develop a list you’ll need e-mail marketing (1 action) and if you do email marketing you’ll need to do product creation to offer them something (2 actions),” then you’ll create a logical detachment and your bonus will seem more or less TOTALLY unimportant to them (due to the fact that it actually is!).


Once you have actually satisfied the relevance requirement as above, you’ll have to guarantee your zero cost marketing bonus has utility, or the ability to be made use of. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do  because it works together with relevanve in the majority of cases. The most reliable kind of utility, when it pertains to bonuses, is augmentation. You want to present something that isn’t just technically “useful” on paper, but instead, something that specifically enhances the designated function of the initial product you’re promoting. In this case, the more particular the usefullness, the better.

Eg., if the product is a course on list building, then merely just giving the customer yet another course on basic list building does not provide a specific kind of usefulness. It may be relevant, yes. And it’s likewise “technically” very useful. But it’s not beneficial or useful in a specific or meaningful way.

Truthfully, you might probably still get away with it, however the more specific the usefulness is, the more appealing the bonus will be and the more likely you are to get the commission for that sale. So, if the product was a list building course, then an exit intent WordPress plugin that presents a lead magnet and opt-in form as individuals try to leave your page would be a real winner. It’s relevant and useful, however it has particular usefulness, not simply basic, “technical” usefulness.


When you know your bonus provides both relevance and utility, you have to ensure it provides worth or value, both real and perceived. A possible buyer might look at your abovementioned exit intent plugin and acknowledge that it has both relevance and utility, but if it looks like it was produced way back in 2007, they won’t be too ecstatic about it! This one is most likely the most typical issue you’ll see with bonuses put out by both suppliers and affiliates. They all come from PLR or MRR wholesaler websites and typically only cost somewhere between $4 or $10 for a license.

The problem isn’t actually where they come from. The problem is that they still LOOK like they came from there. It does not matter if that eBook or course or plugin truly has value. If it does not have PERCIEVED value because it looks old and awful as dirt, the purchaser won’t like it. We’ll deal more with the “look and feel” of benefits later on, but for now simply know that looks play an essential function in value.

In addition, amount of content and size are also major considerations in value. A long eBook will seem more valuable than a “report”, a multi-lesson video course will seem more valuable than a single video, and so on. That applies within each specific bonus on offer, however, this also applies to your collection of bonuses as a whole.

Lastly, rarity or uniqueness is also of great importance. By this we suggest that any bonuses that break the typical “eBooks and video courses” mold. This can consist of software tools, DFY landing pages, recorded interviews, advertising or traffic packages, consultations or technical sessions, website critiques, and so on. Now that you’ve got an idea of ways to satisfy these three important requirements for a bonus, we’ll now have a look at the best ways to get them. And that’s exactly what we’ll cover below.

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Where to Curate Bonuses

PLR or MRR Licensed Material

There are numerous ways and places to find the materials you’ll be using as your bonuses. Most likely, the most typical form of bonus material for affiliates, and for vendors alike, who are just starting, is PLR or MRR content.

Essentially, this is where you obtain the rights to redistribute a product yourself and provide it as a bonus. There are two major ways to set about doing this. 1/ By purchasing newer PLR products that have recently been released into the market like JVZoo or WarriorPlus, or 2/ By obtaining older materials from a PLR or MRR wholesaler..

The benefits of getting a recently-launched PLR product are quite apparent. They’re typically more attractive-looking and the product inside of them is normally more current. The disadvantage, however, is that they’re typically more expensive. This probably isn’t an issue when it comes to needing just one or two bonus offers. But if you’re planning to optimize your conversions with an excellent stack of bonuses, this can be a major issue, especially if you’re just beginning and do not have much capital to spend.

The obvious benefit of approaching a wholesale PLR or MRR store (just google MRR store or PLR store) is that you’ll be able to acquire several products for an incredibly low amount. The downside is that they will look old and may have out-ofdate content. As long as it’s not too severely out-of-date, this might not be a huge issue. Remember, you’re giving this away for free, after all. But it is the old “look and feel” of the product that will result in a lower perceived value.

The very obvious benefit of using a wholesale PLR or MRR store (just Google MRR store or PLR store) is that you’ll have the ability to purchase a number of items for an incredibly low price. The downside is that they will look old and may have out dated material! As long as it’s not too badly out-of-date, this may not be of huge concern to you. Keep in mind, you’re offering this away for free. However it is the old “look and feel” of the product that will result in a lower perceived value.

Later on we will cover ways to remedy this issue and re-package your bonus offers in a more attractive way (assuming that the license for your items included a right to modify the e-covers). Needless to say, you need to always examine these materials and ensure that they fulfill a minimum requirement of quality and their oldness is not so serious that they might damage your buyers’ businesses.

Using Your Own Materials

If you have been online for quite a while now, there is a likelihood that you’ll already have existing material of your very own knocking around on your hard drive. This might be blog content, lead magnets or reports you produced, and even a collection of paid products of yours such as eBooks, video courses, or software.

In the case of blog content, you would simply have to re-purpose this and re-package it as a bonus product (probably in eBook form). But in the case of existing products of your own, they might already be ready to go as is. Worst case scenario, if they are a bit old, you’ll want to create an updated e-cover for them.

When it comes to blog content, you would merely need to re-purpose this and re-package it as your bonus product (probably in the form of an eBook). But in the case of existing items of your own, they may currently be all set to go as is. In the worst case, if they are a bit old, you’ll want to create an updated e-cover for them.

Making Bonuses Attractive

I am actually not going to go through this here with you now as you really do need to see this part in action. So, head over to our video version of this article to watch this next step.

Video Version Found Here: Bonus Creation

Now that you’ve got the gist of things, make sure you take action on what you’ve learned today and implement a zero cost marketing bonus following this battle plan!

Battle Plan

Step 1: Determine where you’ll be curating your bonus content.
Step 2: Select bonus content that meets the three big criteria: relevance, utility, and value.
Step 3: Review the inside of your bonus content to ensure it meets minimum quality standards.
Step 4: Use the instructions above to produce a gorgeous representation of your bonus materials.

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  • Karin Nauber says:

    Very informative! I love the ideas presented here. I am always looking for value-added bonuses that are free. In fact, many of the courses that I have purchased of the course of my life have been “sold” on me based on the free bonuses I received. I look forward to checking out more of your articles!
    Can you recommend a good place to learn how to write an e-book? I think that would be a good start for me.
    Thank you!


    • admin says:

      Cheers Karin for leaving your comment.

      Glad you like the article and see the value of giving away free product bonuses! Ebooks are a great tool – I find them better than videos which actually goes against the evidence which says that video giveaway bonuses are perceived of highet value.

      Best way to make a start with writing ebooks is first to get a PLR ebook which allows you to alter it and put your name on it. Essentially you are rewriting this to make it unique and yours. Once you have done this a few times you can then write your own from scratch.

      I have written a little about this here:


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