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Big Affiliate Machine Review – Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Big Affiliate Machine Review - Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

The Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Lessons: Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? You Bet It Is!

The ‘How To’ Of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Big Affiliate Machine Review: Summary

  • Platform: Big Affiliate Machine (Newbie Lessons)
  • Website: www.BigAffiliateMachine.com
  • Who is it for? Anyone looking to start affiliate marketing
  • Earning Potential: High
  • Owners: Caelan Cheesman & Aaron Danker
  • Price: $19.95 One time payment
  • My Score: 8.5/10 – Highly Recommended

Introduction: What Is Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Lessons All About? And Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Big Affiliate Machine is a website dedicated to getting complete affiliate marketing novices, or ‘newbies’ as they call them started in affiliate marketing and creating a steady, reliable income source as quickly as possible.

The site answers the question ‘Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?’ with a big YES.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for beginners, however, there are numerous skills that need to be learnt and many mistakes that need to be avoided.

Big Affiliate Machine takles both of these issues through it’s 300+ video tutorials – YES, you read that correctly, over 300 affiliate marketing training videos! Each video has been professionally produced and is ideal for any affiliate marketing newbie.

For only a $19.95 one off payment this seems like great value for money.

Lets dig a little deeper …

Overview: What Big Affiliate Machine Says About Itself

“Get instant access to over 300+ ‘how to’ tutorials & learn everything you need to know to start your online business successfully in 2018!”

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Setting up an online business from scratch needs hard work, alot of it … But it’s so difficult for a novice to get started and really succeed if you do not have the correct, top quality training to hand.

Whether you want to set up and install WordPress, produce PDF eBooks and videos, upload and modify HTML files by means of FTP, utilize your Cpanel, produce MySQL databases to set up scripts, produce squeeze pages to construct your list, learn Aweber and GetResponse to market to your list or setup a PayPal, JVZoo or ClickBank account to collect payments then Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Lessons has you covered!

Introducing Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Lessons!

300+ ‘How to’ tutorials covering ALL the basics of Affiliate Marketing! Simply LogIn, Watch, Learn & Apply!

Product Description and Features

Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Training is split into a number of training modules – 28 in fact! And each module has between 2 to 30 high quality videos in each – the average being around 20 or so. I will not list them here as if you click through on the link (it’s NOT an affiliate link) most of them are listed on the sales page itself – BigAffiliateMachine.com

It feels to me as though Big Affiliate Machine is very upfront as to what you get for your money, which in my opinion is a very small outlay and good value for money. However, it does state on the page that this one-off payment for lifetime access will not be on offer forever – usually access is gained by a monthly subscription, so if you are interested I would recommend you sign up sooner rather than later!

Anyway, below are a few screenshots of the sales page, as I said, follow the link yourself to the sales page and take a more detailed look (this isn’t an affiliate link) – http://www.bigaffiliatemachine.com

In addition to the video training courses you also get access to a number of ‘Newbie Mistakes’. 12 of these Newbie Mistake Lessons in total.

Each of these consists of a video and a written text providing a summary of the video. Taking Lesson 8 as an example which is titled ’20 Blogging Newbie Mistakes’ consists of a detailed 20 minute video – a summary of which is as follows:

A blog allows you to build your online presence whilst you’re building your online business.

It a place for potential prospects to find out more about you. It encourages readers to discuss and interact with you and others. And it’s an advertising platform to effectively sell your products and recommendations.

The problem is most beginners don’t know how to make blogging worthwhile and profitable. When done right you can use it to develop new products, gather social proof, get traffic, increase readership and make sales at the same time.

In today’s lesson we’ll uncover 20 blogging newbie mistakes including…

* Not blogging with a purpose
* Not inviting discussion
* Focusing too much on your blog design
* Not setting a commitment to blog often
* Not using a self-hosted blog
* Not promoting your blog thinking visitors will come
* Using boring blog post titles
* Placing too many ads on your blog
* Not being conversational
* Setting up a blog filled with product reviews
* Not providing true value
* Forever whining on your blog
* Concentrating too much on the money
* Not making use of social media plugins
* Afraid of setting up a blog because you’re not technical savvy
* Not replying to comments
* Overly concerned about SEO
* Afraid of being controversial
* Not having contests
* Not posting videos

This I think is very valuable and is something I have not seen before. Other training courses show you WHAT TO DO but this course also points out some of the mistakes and pitfalls that you SHOULDN’T DO. It helps you to keep away from getting into ‘bad habits’ which may negatively effect your efforts. A feather in the cap for the creators I think!

Below is a screenshot of some of these ‘Newbie Mistakes’ modules.

Below is a screenshot of your main training panel which shows all the training modules. you are initially presented with the first training video ‘Domain Name Registration’ which is within the Webhosting Module.

Newbie Lessons

Big Affiliate Machine – Newbie Lessons #7 cPanel Security Panel is one of the videos I have taken a screenshot of at random.

Here you can see that the video length is 10 minutes and 17 seconds long.

cPanel Security Panel

Another video I pulled at random is Lesson #2 – ClickBank Marketplace which lives under the Affiliate Marketing Module. The running time of this informative video is 11 minutes and 6 seconds.

ClickBank Marketplace

Is affiliate marketing for beginners? – You bet it is!

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Big Affiliate Machine Review: Conclusion

There are a few of the videos which are a little out of date but after contacting support these are updated at regular intervals. However, most of the information is current and the whole package provides an excellent affialiate marketing training resource.

This remains, in our opinion, one of the best resources for those setting out in affiliate marketing.

Scored by The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Is Affiliate Marketing Right For Beginners? It Is With The BIG AFFILIATE MACHINE!

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