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Backlinko Review

Backlinko Review: Summary

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  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
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  • My Score: 9/10 - Highly Recommended

Well, if you're interested in increasing your traffic by a whopping 110% and that too in just 14 days, then you must join.

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Backlinko Is All About The Best Free SEO Tools

Especially as a start-up, finding sound advice is very important for you, and one of the most important pieces of advice is that no matter at what stage of development you are, you need to be constantly working at boosting your SEO and making sure your website appears in front of as many people as possible.

Now, there is a big challenge that you too may also be aware of, and that challenge is the fact that Google continually keeps rewriting the SEO rulebook and so being always able to stay on the top of things and ahead of the game will always require you to put in continual time and effort.

However, you do have all the help you need in the form of endless guides, tricks, and tips coming in from every direction online, even if you have not asked for it! This naturally makes it even more difficult for you to understand which amongst these is really good advice and which is total rubbish and potentially harmful.

But don't worry! As we are now going to help you learn about an SEO guide that is really proving to be of help to many others, have guided others into achieving their dreams and can surely help you too and this guide is none other than Backlinko. Let me give you more details about this guide through this Backlinko review.

Backlinko SEO Tools Help You Get Higher Rankings And More Traffic

What Is Backlinko?

If you are regularly in search for actionable advice that will help you get real results then your search ends with Backlinko. Backlinko is the brainchild of Brian Dean and this is the one place where most professional marketers turn towards whenever they need SEO advice.

There surely must be a reason why marketers from big companies including Apple, IBM, Amazon, and even Disney have subscribed to the Backlinko email newsletter. Well, it is because of Brian’s results-focused SEO approach where you are sure to get results each time, every time.

Off Page SEO And On Page SEO That Works Great

Who Is Brian Dean?

Just knowing about any company is not enough, before joining it you also must know about the brain behind it, how much success they have enjoyed in their life by treading on the path they are axing you to walk on, and what kind of relationship they have with their audience. Learning about all this is very important.

As far as Backlinko is concerned, it is the brainchild of Brian Dean who has a great communication style, direct and casual. He himself has worked very hard, tried things, failed, worked hard again and reached where he is now. Success! This may give you the courage to be able to take failure (which you already may have faced) and get up and follow Backlinkoto pave the way for success.

Backlink Course By Brian Dean Of Backlinko

What Makes Backlinko And The Backlinko Blog Better Than The Others?

So, you will certainly have received loads of SEO advice from so many so-called SEO experts and they must have told you that if you want to enjoy success with SEO you just need to create great content. Well, if you have tried doing ONLY that then you must have seen for yourself that things really aren't that simple!

You see, SEO means a lot more than just amazing content and Backlinko will help you understand the real deal. At the you will learn the exact strategies, techniques, and tips that you need to enjoy higher rankings. This doesn't include any of that “high-brow” advice which goes way over your head but instead just offers you simple, actionable advice that works.

Go and check out Ahrefs and Semrush and let me know if the inforamtion from Backlinko is better and more actionable. I do!

Is Backlinko Better For Backlinks Than Ahrefs And Semrush

Who Should Join Backlinko?

Well, if you're interested in increasing your traffic by a whopping 110% and that too in just 14 days, then you must join Backlinko.

As already mentioned, many different people will advise you that just good content alone is enough to climb the Google ranking ladder but we now know that this is not true. If you really want to generate high-quality links, you need to create, and also promote, your content in a systematic manner.

If you don't do this, you will just be doing no more than guesswork - writing good content and just hoping that things work and you get a good ranking! If you don't want to just do guesswork but instead follow a technique that very almost ensures that you will attract high-quality links from each of your published content, then you need to join Backlinko and learn, among many other things, about The Skyscraper Technique, for example, that can boost organic traffic by an amazing 110% in just 14 days as it did for Brian. This is a strategy that Brian himself has followed and you can too.

Using The Skyscraper Technique To Increase Your Traffic By 110% In 14 Days

The 3-Step Skyscraper Technique

This formula is not at all complicated and is actually one of the fastest ways to grow your traffic. It involves just 3-simple steps that you need to follow –

1.Find Link-Worthy Content

Link-worthy content or likable asset as it can also be called is super precious for any link-focused content marketing campaign. Linkable asset means content that is so amazing, so helpful, and so perfect that people will not be able to resist logging into their WordPress dashboard and then adding a link to your website. If you are wondering how to figure out if your linkable asset will prove to be a success or a failure then Brain Dean goes into this in far more detail.

2.Create Something Even Better

The next step requires you to take things to the next level. In certain cases, if you publish content that is longer and includes a lot of items it can work in your favor. For instance, if a link magnet you have discovered has a title like “50 Healthy Lunch Ideas” then you should publish a list of maybe 75 or as many more as you can. This will take a lot of your time, but in the end, you will have something which is a lot better and a lot more helpful than what has yet been provided. Google loves this!

Also, design your content in a visually-attractive manner as that can generate many more social shares and links than something similar posted on an ugly page. Also, avoid just posting a bulleted list and instead, offer a little depth for every item on the list in order to make it more valuable.

3.Reach Out To The Right People

Email outreach is the key player here and is very important. You do not need to send an email to every random person but, more specifically, to site owners that already have linked out to content like that of yours. If you do this, you can be sure that these prospects have interest in your topic, they have already linked to some other article on your type of topic, and they are running a site in your niche. Now, you just need to show them how your content is superior to all the others. Bingo!

Backlinko Review: A case study outlining a new backlinking strategy called the skyscraper technique

Well, if you're interested in increasing your traffic by a whopping 110% and that too in just 14 days, then you must join.

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Why Not Read Or Download My Free Ultimate Link Building Ebook

A little bit of what you'll find inside:

  • Chapter 1: Link Building Basics
  • What Is Link Building?
  • Importance Of Backlinks
  • Chapter 2: SEO Basics You Need To Know
  • Chapter 3: 10 Ways To Build Backlinks
  • Chapter 4: The Difference Between Black, Grey And White Hat Link Building Techniques
  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Chapter 5: How To Avoid Being Slapped By Google Updates
  • Chapter 6: Creative Link Building Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Untapped Backlink Sources
  • Chapter 8: Summary

Backlinko Review: Conclusion

This Backlinko review of mine clearly shows how things are going to change for you following Brian Dean’s approach. What is great is not only will you enjoy positive results, but things have also been made so easy that you will not have to put in too much effort. Yes, a little hard work, focus, and determination are needed, but Backlinko will do the rest for you to climb the ladders of success.

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