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Authority Website Income – Our Review

Authority Website Income

Authority Website Income Review

Authority Website Income Review: Summary

  • Platform: Authority Website Income
  • Website: www.authoritywebsiteincome.com
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required (although there are some advanced areas)
  • Earning Potential: The sky’s the limit!
  • Owner: Jon Gillham
  • Price: FREE (but there are some services available at a price)
  • My Score: 8/10 – Highly Recommended


No matter how sensible we may think we are and no matter how much we try and put away, many of us feel like we never have enough money. Luckily, there are people out there who found ways to make money if you know what you are doing and where to look. One such person is Jon Gillham, who runs this great site.

What Is It?

Authority Website Income is a platform filled with useful tutorials and guides to building an internet presence which can be monetised. Gillham is upfront in saying that he is not promising that you will become a millionaire using his method, but that his way of doing things is a good way to supplement your existing income as a way of providing you with a bit of security.


Jon Gillham has built a site chock-full of exciting tips, starting from the very beginning and moving into more complicated territory as you expand your online presence. His site, Authority Website Income, has some really great guides on what sort of domains to purchase, how to make sites that will get a lot of Google traffic and how to generate interesting blog content that will naturally push readers towards your monetised site.

Authority Website Income does not necessarily advocate SEO and indeed, Gillham writes often about the downside to such techniques but he has taken the time to learn the methods of SEO and the good practices which can be taken from this. One of my favourite sections of the site was the Six Figure Challenge, which is a comprehensive guide on the steps you need to take to build a six figure website, from content, to hiring good staff and even how to maximise your time and benefit from relaxation. The website shows the hard work that you have to put in to get a good reward back out of it but Gillham emphasises that there is such a thing as too much work andthat an incredibly important thing is to have the time to actually enjoy the
money that you make.

Authority Website Income also includes a whole range of guest posts, drawn from people all across the world, each of them bringing their own skills, interests and expertise into the mix. These are all people who, one way or another found out about Gillham through the impact he has been having and wanted to link up with him to share their experience with his audience.


An interesting feature is the site’s comprehensive tagging system, which allows you to conveniently locate all of his content regarding a particular topic. This is particularly useful as, whilst Gillham has a diverse portfolio of methods, you may find that you only have the time or resources to concentrate on one aspect alone.

Indeed, the entire site is incredibly easy to navigate, with clearly marked links and a navigation bar which gives you all the information you need to find your way around. It uses a simple colour scheme and design, which doesn’t distract from the content and utilises a great blend of media, including video, graphs and images. Of the videos that I watched, the content was well-presented at a pace which was easy to follow and the narration was done in a clear, warm and authoritative tone. I always felt like I knew what I was doing and anything that was unclear or difficult to follow was reiterated a few times.


Authority Website Income Services


The website also hosts links to Gillham’s personal services, where people can outsource the work to Gillham and his team, including domain purchasing and a private blog network service, which can help you bring in huge numbers of visitors to your monetised site.

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Authority Website Income Review: Conclusion

Authority Website Income is a great website with good content and ideas. A ‘must go to’ resource for anyone wanting to make money online. At the time of writing, some of his services were not being sold, due to demand, but there was the chance to sign up to receive a notification when it is next available for purchase.

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