Simple Way To Seize More Traffic From Voice Search Optimization

Is Your Website Ready For Voice Search?

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant… they are just some of the artificially intelligent virtual assistants we know and use every day.And because of these virtual assistants, voice searches are starting to replace traditional, text-based searches. It is predicted that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020. It’s no surprise, considering that […]

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Outranking Your Competitors By Turning Them Into Your Biggest SEO Partners

Outranking Your Competitors Is Important. We Show You How.Now, I don’t know a whole lot about football. I’m more into classic cars.But I do know quite a lot about a practice that is super popular in the world of sport, namely that before any big match, the coach of a team takes time to study […]

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a few months ago

Voice Search: Is Your Site Ready Or Not For 2020?

How To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

Voice Search: Case StudyVoice search, the technology that allows users to perform a search on the internet by verbally asking a question on a smartphone, smart device or a computer, is growing exponentially. In fact, some SEO specialists predict that by the end of this year, half of all searches across the Internet will be voice searches.So, […]

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9 Must See Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips

After A Few, Highly Actionable And Highly Effective Internet Marketing Tips? Here Are 9 Of The Best That Have Been Gathered Together By Squirrly SEO. Quick Navigation 1/ How To Create The Perfect Instagram Post (7.4M Posts Researched)2/ Changing One Word Led To 46M Registrations (A Case Study)3/ 68% Improvement In Conversions4/ 86% Of Consumers […]

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a few months ago

Guest Posts: How to Find Relevant Sites That Allow You To Submit Articles For Free

Guest Posts

Guest Posts: How To Find Relevant Sites That Accept ThemAnd one of the ways to get other websites to link back to yours is by guest posts (publishing content on those sites). Although there have been tons of changes to search engine ranking algorithms over the years – including Google cracking down on spammy guest posting as a […]

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Do This To Get 55% More Engagement On Twitter.Com

As Far As Social Media Marketing Goes, Is One Of The Big DogsThere are over 321 million monthly active users on Twitter, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the platforms that most marketers would benefit from joining when doing their social media marketing.Question is: how do you get those millions of […]

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6 months ago

How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website By 58%

How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website

So The Question Is “How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website” And By A Whopping 58%!Innovatech Labs is a leading analytical laboratory in Minnesota, specializing in materials analysis, testing and characterization. Their online content targets a very niche market, and their blog strategy mainly focused on achieving high Google rankings for top-of-the-funnel terms (here’s a […]

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