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Are You One Of The 1% Or Are You In The 99%

A few days ago Kyle made a bold forecast on Facebook. He stated:

” The 1% (the rich) are getting richer, because they are approaching things in a different way than the 99%.”.

You can head out, get an education, get a career, and hopefully one day retire. This is the traditional path and a very logical way to think, but it is not how the 1% run, it is how the 99% run.

A degree does not guarantee that you will get a well paid career.
A job no longer guarantees that you will have a pension or can even afford to live day to day.

Times are actually changing now, and if you want to flex the rules and make your way into the 1%, you need to stop doing what you are told, and start doing what will lead you to the “one percent” lifestyle.

The point Kyle is making is that there is some concise evidence that the “middle class” is shrinking and becoming the lower middle class. More so, people can only afford to buy their stuff at Wal-mart, Amazon, or Dollar Stores because their prices are low (although quality might not be the very best).

In truth, George Packer, the author of The Unwinding (a book on the American Economy) forecasted that one day the Walton family (owners of Wal-mart) would own as much wealth as the combined wealth of the 30% of the lower middle class of us folks here in America.

Yes, a handful of individuals are going to control more wealth than over 130 MILLION individuals!

Sickening thought isn’t it? Kyle thinks so too. And he wishes to alter that and¬† personally wishes to change your future in ways in which you might never imagine.

There is a definate loop hole that is going to permit COUNTLESS individuals to avoid any negative trends in the economy and to really move from middle class to upper middle class and into that 1%.

Any guesses regarding exactly what this is?


Not only can you take advantage of the most significant global market on the planet with over 3.75 billion individuals, but you can also make a presence for yourself within absolutely any specific niche or market (regardless of your passion).

Over the years Kyle has been involved in and really effective in a variety of specific niches. From the dieting niche, to hosting, to helping individuals discover their loved ones, to the earning money online niche. There are MILLIONS of niches out there that are swarming with opportunities, and without much competition.

But to capitalize on the Web, you will require a number of things.

( 1) An idea (your niche, direction for your business).
( 2) A site (this is your home base).
( 2) A proper online education (this permits you to build your business).
( 3) A well informed support group (this gets you assistance when you get stuck).

If you have these 4 things then you are going to have the ability to produce your own success and not have to stress over any dips or radical changes in our economy. And as luck may have it, these are the 4 things that you are getting access to at Wealthy Affiliate by means of the Premium subscription.

You will be signing up with the “elite” and if you want to put in the hard work, Wealthy Affiliate can help you to get to that 1%.

== > Join WA, Enter Into the 1% (and Stop the 99% Mindset).

WA can help you prosper online. It starts today and it starts with Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

Your success is real and the very best is yet to come.

Are You One Of The 1% Or Are You In The 99%? Oh Heck ... I'm In The 99%! No Matter - This Tells Me What To Do About It.

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