The Number 1 Most Amazing Email Signature Hack

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Email Signature

They do say that first impressions are important, but what about last impressions?

If you, like most of us, use email to conduct business (I'm sure you do), then your email signature represents one of the final points, probably THE final point, of communication a customer has with your brand or service.

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Therefore, it really is SO important to make sure that your email signature not only looks professional but it’s also FULLY informative as well. In addition, a good email signature is usually quite simple in design and has a clean color palette.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative!

There are lots and lots of ways to make the most out of your email signature and take it to the next level.

For example ...

"Your email signature can be a good place to reiterate a call to action or highlight a message that you want people to take away from your email."
Customers actually read things in this section, so instead of hiding your footer in a tiny font, why not make it stand out!

Let’s say, for example, that you’re sending a newsletter to your subscribers with your latest blog posts. Your primary call-to-action is most likely going to be to read the blog posts. 

However, instead of just signing off with your name, you can also include a fluorescent yellow call to action, inviting your subscribers to learn more about your products, services or brand. 

Take a look at the image below. This is how KISSmetrics did it in one of their weekly blog post updates:
email signature

That CTA is hard to miss, right?

Note! You can also use a postscript (P.S.) rather than a signature for this if it feels more your style.

The bottom line is that every single line in your emails is an opportunity to educate subscribers about your company, brand or services. No copy should be wasted copy.

Source: and Squirrly

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