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SEO is pretty simple nowadays! Google no longer gets tricked by the black hat techniques of the past. If you want to rank well you need to produce great content that people would want to share. Simple!

However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. You must be aware that just 10 or less get to make it to the first page. So what do you need to do? Well, get the right SEO software - that can help.

A tool will not write content for you but it will help you select content topics in a more strategic way and find sites and people that will most likely share it.

"Naturally, you now want to know which tool will prove to be the best for you, well, the answer is Ahrefs."

“Ahrefs SEO can prove to be immensely helpful in your SEO campaigns and offers you features that are unique and much better than what is offered by other similar tools.”

What Is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an all-inclusive SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that offers data and keeps track of your SEO efforts. It is a strong SEO tool and offers a ton of great information to power your SEO efforts including – 

•Technical SEO

•Keyword Research

•Position Tracking

•Backlink Analysis

•Content Planning

•Organic Traffic Analysis

•Link Building

"Ahrefs offers a crawling setup which is much bigger and, in my opinion, better than what other tools can offer and this, in turn, offers a whole host of advantages."

Crawling is what searches all backlinks and mentions across the web and Ahrefs seems to uncover what other tools may miss. Also, Ahrefs comes with an amazing content explorer tool that offers complete information for any keyword for any article.

The Most Important Ahrefs’ Tools

Ahrefs is a comprehensive product with a great database and many helpful tools about which we shall learn right away.

Ahrefs SEO Tools

Organic Search

This tool gives focus to keyword management and tracking. You simply need to enter the URL or domain name and get to see the organic keyword list that attracts traffic to that domain. This can help you get amazing blog topic ideas that will help drive traffic to your website. If you notice your competitors are ranking high for certain keywords, so can you.

If you are targeting any particular big keyword you will be able to keep a track of how your blog is ranking in SERPs. This feature can also be used for tracking your competitor domains.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Organic Search

Keyword Explorer

What is the keyword explorer tool? The next interesting feature of Ahrefs SEO tool is the keyword explorer. You may have seen some similar tools earlier but the way results are displayed here in an organized, clean, and structured manner is what you will not find elsewhere.

The keyword explorer helps you get many, many relevant keyword suggestions from a huge database of more than 3 billion keywords. You can also make use of the advanced keyword metrics and keyword difficulty score to make a wise decision about which will be the right keyword to target.

What is the keyword explore in Ahrefs

Backlink Data

What is Ahrefs backlink data tool? The Backlink data of Ahrefs is the best you can ever find. Just after you enter the URL or domain name in the search box you will get to see all the backlinks pointing to that URL or domain. Also, the result comes with strong filters like –

•One link each domain display

•Grouping similar links

•Platforms – forums, comment systems, WordPress blogs, and so on.

•Link type – sitewide, Edu, Gov, redirect, and so on.

Every 24 hours the robots of Ahrefs crawl 4 billion web pages and their index is updated with fresh data every 15 minutes. Furthermore, the handy filters and advanced reports offered here will help you dig very deep into the data that you are offered.

what is ahrefs backlink checker

Content Explorer

What is Ahrefs content explorer tool? Yet another tool that you are going to love is the content explorer. This is basically used for skyscraping, topic generation, and to be relevant as far as content topics and trends are concerned. It will help you discover the top shared content for any niche. Once you get the results, you can filter it based on languages, the number of shares on different social networks, referring domains, domain ratings, word count, organic traffic, and publish date, and so on. These filters can prove to be really helpful.

what is ahrefs content explorer

Rank Tracker

What is Ahrefs website seo rank checker tool? Ahrefs will help you track your site’s position for the keywords. You may even set this tool to keep you updated about the keywords periodically or even every day. It will also offer you the ranking position in a graph form so that it becomes easy to understand your keyword position back in time. The rank tracker tool will easily help you determine if your SEO efforts are actually working in your favor.

website seo rank checker


If your site has been added as a project, Ahrefs will alert you each time you have a new backlink. You can also choose to set up a similar type of alert for new keyword positions and keywords. This way you might also want to keep a track on those who are talking about your competitors online so that without wasting any time you can jump into such conversations and make use of such opportunities without wasting time.

Ahrefs alerts

How Does Ahrefs Work?

Ahrefs requires no installation as it is a SaaS product. You need to sign up for a subscription or free trial to enjoy access.

"Setup is simple. You need to offer Ahrefs with keywords, site, and competitors that you wish to track. Ahrefs will then suggest you competitors and keywords based on the analysis it does of your site."

It has a strong crawler that will offer backlinks and also many keywords and brand. Also, you will be able to analyze various graphs and metric for SEO, social media data, and PPC.

Who Is Ahrefs For?

The Ahrefs SEO tool is for any company in any industry that wants to attract more visitors to their website. This tool is strong enough for SEO agencies and enterprises yet easy enough for even small businesses. Any businessperson or marketer with a basic understanding of digital marketing will easily be able to understand and use it and enjoy all the benefits.

To Conclude 

Ahrefs can prove to be immensely helpful in your SEO campaigns. It offers you features that are unique and much better than what is offered by other similar tools. Though the price of this wonderful tool is not too cheap (starting at $99 a month) but the way it replaces multiple tools and does such a wonderful job it will prove to be worth every penny and more. Grab Ahrefs SEO now.


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