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Me and my wife outside our shop on opening day – I’m the slightly balding one!

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I’m Caelan Cheesman, founder and creator of TheBestAffiliateMarketingPrograms.com

Let me first start by thanking you for visiting my website!

If you are interested in making money online then you have definately come to the right place.

Let me kick off by giving you the very best 3 pieces of advice I can if you are looking to make online passive income. If you take away nothing else from my site then please at least remember these!

#1. The most important step is to get started. Stop thinking about it and get stuck in. One of the main reasons most people do not make money online is that they never really get started in the first place!

(Congratulations! – By finding my site and reading all the information I have to offer, you obviously want to make money online. You have made a start! You have already achieved my #1!)

#2. Take no notice of all the ‘get rich quick’ sites, systems and promises. Avoid the scams! Making money online takes work and time – remember, it is a business you are building and one which will be around for the long haul. There is no magic button, no ‘cut and paste’ to profits and certainly no buying your first Ferrari within a month online! Sorry.

#3. Never give up! You have to be patient. This is a business just like any other business. Most small businesses take, what, a few years to truly start turning a profit? Affiliate marketing absolutely is a legitimate business that can earn you well into 6 figures but you should not expect that to happen without many months of hard work and consistent effort.

Please remember the above 3 points!

My Story (don’t worry, this will be VERY brief)

I live in the UK in a small village called Minster in the South East of the country, not too far from Dover and Canterbury and only around 80 miles from London.

I am married with 2 young children.

I went to Grammar School and then to the University Of Westminster, London where I got a degree in Urban Planning and a further Diploma in Urban Design.

I then went to work as a manager in the world famous department store Harrods. From there I entered into the jewellery business.

After working for around 15 years for other people I decided that I wanted to “do something for myself” and ended up opening my own greengrocers, pet shop, florist and sweetshop. (Not 4 seperate shops but ‘all under one roof’)

It was also around this time I got interested in affiliate marketing. “Long story short” I have tried just about everything! Not much luck with any of it! … a few dollars here, a few dollars there … but certainly not what I had hoped for!

I then stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and that was that … SUCCESS!

It did take a little time and a ‘dollop’ of hard work BUT I am now making a decent amount of money online. I still have my greengrocers which I work at every now and then … I have great staff which run it day to day for me! BUT I now mainly work online as an affiliate marketer.

Thinking about it … maybe I should add a 4th important thing to remember to add to the other 3 above:


I really do want to help others succeed online. I am no scam. I am no hype. I am not lying.

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Why I Want To Help

Over the years I have come to realized one very important thing. Absolutely every single person can earn an extra income online, maybe even replace their income and even earn enough money to lead their “dream” lifestyle! They just need to make a start, ignore the false ‘hype’ and be persistent.

But I need to warn you that making money online is NOT so easy. Too many people are trying too hard to make it sound easy so that they can promote their own products and make money.

BUT it is not rocket science either. I have said above that I believe ANYONE can make money online given the right tools, training, hard work and support.

It is because of this that I really want to help others to succeed online … I want to help YOU succeed online.

The Goal Of My Site

The main goal of TheBestAffiliateMarketingPrograms.com is to help you achieve success online. Unlike many other blogs in the same space that concentrate on some theories, I actually based my advice on personal experience.

Some things worked for me, others didn’t.

I take a no nonsense, truthful approach and tell it “how it is”, just the way I like to be treated!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them above and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best with making money online

Caelan Cheesman

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