A How To Of Affiliate Marketing

A How To Of Affiliate Marketing

A How To Of Affiliate Marketing 7 Step Guide For Newbies

A How To Of Affiliate Marketing: A 7 Step Guide Designed To Introduce "Newbies" To A Basic Affiliate Marketing Process

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Step 1: A Website

A website is a really good place to start affiliate marketing. The best and by far the easiest way to set up a website is by using WordPress. A self hosted WordPress installation (rather than the cloud hosted version) is the perfect place to start for an affiliate marketer. And by far the easiest way of achieving this is through Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

affiliate marketing for beginners: build a WordPress website

Step 2: Choosing A Topic (Niche)

Choosing a niche for your website is a very important step. When starting out, it is suggested you choose just ONE topic that you have an interested or are totally passionate about. This way it will be so much easier to add content to your website as you go forward.

How to start affiliate marketing by choosing the right niche

Step 3: Content

It is absolutely vital that you add quality content to your website on a regular basis. Using a platform such as WordPress will make this so much easier. The content needs to be of high quality and also original. Ensure that your content is interesting or helpful and adheres to basic copy writing rules. so, high quality and consistently added quality content is the key to building a successful website.

Quality regular content is the key to a successful affiliate marketing website

Step 4: Find Offers

You need to find offers that match your websiute content. There are many thousands of different offers online so there can be no excuse as you will be able to monetize just about any passion. Most of the major online retailers have affiliate programs. Some of which the most popular are:

Clickbank affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing with Amazon

Step 5: Add Your Ads/Links

All of these affiliate sites above (and countless others) will supply you with affiliate links or html ad codes to put on your site. You simply add the links/ads to your website. Again, if you used WordPress then you will be able to insert the ads to your sidebar and/or individual posts.

How to make money from an affiliate marketing website

Step 6: Your Traffic Acts

When someone visits your website and clicks an ad or link, that you have added to your site, and then goes on to buy that item - you earn a commission! There are in fact some affiliate offeres that don't even need the person to make a purchase, instead, all that is required is just an action to be taken such as your referral signing up for a free trial!

how do you make money from your affiliate site

Step 7: You Get Paid!

You will get paid by whichever affiliate company you use to monetize your website. So if you have Amazon affiliate links on your site and a visitor makes a purchase through this link then you will be paid by Amazon. Please make sure that you check the terms and conditions of each network as there are different payout thresholds, methods and requirements for each affiliate site. Each site will also have it's very own reporting system in order that you can check out how many different people are clicking your link/ads, to find out how much you have earned and also how many people have seen your ads/links.

How do you get paid by affiliate companies

Step 8: Repeat What Works

When you get to the stage where you have a successful affiliate website then you definately know what goes into making one. With this knowledge you can now go and create other affiliate websites based on different niches. Quite simply, just take what worked from your first site and then apply it to your second. This will help you grow your revenues exponentially!

create more niche affiliate websites using your first as a template

A How To Of Affiliate Marketing: A 7 Step Guide Designed To Introduce "Newbies" To A Basic Affiliate Marketing Process

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A How To Of Affiliate Marketing

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