8 Expert Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips From Experts

Become A Social Marketing Superstar: 8 Social Media Marketing Tips From The Experts

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Social Media Marketing - 8 Of The Greatest Tips From The Experts

From Guy Kawasaki to Mari Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sunny Lenarduzzi, and many more, the 8 social media tips you'll read here have come from some of the most successful social media though leaders out there. These inspiring men and women not only built thriving enterprises online but have earned that much deserved title of a social media influencers. Read what they have to say and implement it!

Social Media Marketing Basics

1. Guy Kawasaki. Advises Motorola. Never trust a social media expert who has fewer followers than you do. If you want to become successful in social media marketing then just make sure you get insights and tips from someone who's done it and got the numbers to prove it.

How to do social media marketing

2. Mari Smith. Dubbed the 'Queen of Facebook'. She recommends focusing on the quality of the content you share on social media. When your audience sees your content as being of value, you will not need to convince them to engage with it. They'll just do it.

social media marketing business tips

3. Pat Flynn. Founder of SmartPassiveIncome.com. Pat suggests treating social media marketing like you're going to a party. For example, don't just go around posting about your brand and product at straight away. Instead, pay attention to what your target market is talking about first and then  go and add value to the conversations.

social media marketing strategy

4. Ben Dronkers. Founder of Sensi Seeds. He says: "Be as specific and focused when you set your social marketing goals for the year. It not only makes it easier to align your content calendar to use inline with your campaign but also makes it much more achievable."

Ben Dronkets On His Marketing Tips For Social Media

5. Lewis Howes. Founder of School of Greatness. Louis reccommends not to focus on yourself if you want to have a successful social media marketing campaign. Instead, start off by curating content from influencers and brands that you support.

Social Media Marketing Advice And Tips

6. Sue B. Zimmerman. Hailed as the Instagram expert. She believes that the best way to maximize your Instagram account is to mix up your content shared on Instagram by alternating between videos and photos. That way, you keep your narrative interesting, encouraging your followers to keep on checking your account for what's new. 

Mix up your social media content on Instagram for great results

7. Adam Steele. Founder of Loganix Citation Building. It's a shame that many businesses aren't really maximizing all the options available to them. Social media sites offer different features and options that you can use in realtion to their paid ads. But they have one thing in common: they're designed to make your social media ads get results. So use them!

social media marketing benefits by adam steele

8. Jeff Bullas. CEO of Jeffbullas.com. Jeff recommends in one of his posts, to integrate SlideShare into your social media account, specifically LinkedIn. This is a creative way for you to repurpose those PowerPoint presentations. And it gives your target audience that perfect mix of high quality information and visuals all in one place.

Social Media Marketing Online - Tip Number 8

Become A Social Marketing Superstar: 8 Social Media Marketing Tips From The Experts

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