6 Blog Mistakes To Avoid – In Order To Get More Blog Visitors

Get More Blog Visitors By Avoiding These Mistakes With Your Blog Articles

Get More Blog Visitors By Avoiding These 6 Blog Mistakes That Are Potentially Making Your Blog A Flop

Get More Blog Visitors By Avoiding These 6 Blog Mistakes That Are Potentially Making Your Blog A Flop

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1. Get More Blog Visitors: Misspellings, Grammatical Errors And Other Mistakes

It makes it very difficult for people to believe that you are a leader within your niche who fully understands his or her subject matter thouroughly if your blog posts are frequently strewn with all kinds of errors, misspellings and grammatical mistakes. How many of you have noticed the error in this section? Or could there even be 2 errors?  Helpful Tip #1: Have several people proof read each of your new posts before publishing it.

How to get visitors to you blog by reducing the number of errors

2. Get More Blog Visitors: What If Your Content Makes Little Sense?

Although some blogs in general can be somewhat laid back and casual in their tone and structure, this certainly doesn't mean they should contain random stream of consciousness writings that really have no point and just go on and on and on ... and on! Try to be a little more 'to the point' and cut out all the 'fluff'. Helpful Tip #2: Treat your blog posts as you would an indepth, authorative article by basing them on a solid outline and best SEO practices thus making them good to read for both humans and search engines.

how to get traffic to my blog for free by producing content that makes sense

3. Get More Blog Visitors: Using Crummy And Boring Titles Just Don't Cut It!

You'll never guess what! Even if it's grammatically perfect and contains no misspelled words, your title can still stink, and not do the job it's meant to do, if it simply doesn't make people want to read it. Fact: You will not get them to read your content, no matter how good your content may be, without them being interested and drawn in by clicking an interesting and great title. Helpful Tip#3: Use well crafted, enticing titles that your visitors simply can't resist. Short and to the point.

how to increase blog traffic fast by creating great article titles

4. Get More Blog Visitors: Missing Or No Internal Links Aren't Good

Every blog post you take the time to write gives you great opportunities to get readers interested in other articles and many different pages and areas of your website through your use of  internal linking. Make it habit to link to other blog posts you've written throughout your site that relate to the current topic, doing so will be very beneficial for years to come. Helpful Tip #4: Link internally to any products you are promoting which are relevant to a solution you're discussing in your blog article.

how to get your blog noticed by google with relevant internal linking

5. Get More Blog Visitors: Too Many External Links May Dilute Effectiveness

I would have an educated guess that one of the most important aims of your blog is to drive traffic to your website. If you add loads and loads of links to outside sources (especially to competing sites within your niche!), you are pretty much doing the exact opposite  and potentially harming your site. Minimize these external links to just a handfull of credible external links. Helpful Tip #5: Avoid external links to non-credible websites that won't do you any good at all.

how do i get more readers for my blog? start by not losing them in the first place!

6. Get More Blog Visitors: No Social Media Sharing Icons Means No One Will Share Your Content

You will want to make it as easy as possible for readers of your blog articles to share the amazing content they have just read with the rest of the world! Content management systems (WordPress for example) easily and automatically adds sharing icons to eack of your blog articles. Helpful Tip #6: Look to automatically include the most popular social media sharing icons with every post.

how to get your blog noticed on wordpress with social media sharing icons

Get More Blog Visitors By Avoiding These 6 Blog Mistakes That Are Potentially Making Your Blog A Flop

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