5 Ways To Maximize Instagram For Your Business

Maximize Instagram For Your Business

5 Ways To Maximize Instagram For Your Business In 2019

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1. Be Sure To Use Effective Hashtags

Users of Instagram can now follow whichever specific hashtags they want, along with Instagram profiles, this means that they are able to keep track of relevant conversations by using these hashtags alone.

The means of being able to follow hashtags gives a whole new dimension to your strategic considerations when using Instagram. Now, you see, you are able to reach new audiences by using only targeted hashtags, and furthermore, can expand your businesses brand messaging by promoting your own branded tags.

hashtags: how to use instagram for business

2. The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has also grown at an extremely rapid pace, in fact, more than doubling its audience from just under 150 million daily users in January last year, to well over 300 million in November of the same year. That's approximately, a huge, half a million new users every day on average!

In addition to this, Instagram has upped the value of Stories in December by adding what's know as the Stories Archive and it's Highlights functions. Now Stories content is kept forever, and it can be shown in a new section on their profile, maximizing it's use.

instagram for business tips: instagram stories

3. The Importance Of Visual Composition & Consistency

To have a clear and targeted visual strategy on Instagram is the key to standing out and ultimately gaining success! Focus on producing creative, imaginative photos and images, and also on great composition, this will really help you to boost your Instagram performance, and very likely, more than anything else.

While it may be tempting to focus in on some of the newer tools such as Stories and effects, it has been proven that maintaining a consistent, visual approach with regards to Instagram is the key to optimal success.

instagram for business best practices: visual composition and consistency

4. Integration Of Direct Messages

Now, in excess of 375 million people are using Instagrams DMs (Direct Messages) each month which is very nearly half of Instagrams entire user base!

With the much increased emphasis and focus on DMs, and their rising usage, this does seem to indicate that there is a great opportunity for savvy marketers to merge their interactions across to more private, direct connection tools. Just make sure they really do want to talk to you!

how to introduce your business on instagram using direct messages

5. The Evolution Of Instagram Live

Instagram's live feature has progressively evolved since it's release, and they've continued to add a number of new, very interesting innovations and options since that time in order to make it even more appealing. One recent development in particular has been the fantastic addition of their 'Live Guests' option, which enables you to go live with someone else.

That added exposure provides a number of new promotional opportunities for marketers, while the ability to have 'guests' on your own live-stream may also help to ease the broadcasting process.

instagram for business tips 2019

5 Ways To Maximize Instagram For Your Business In 2019

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5 Ways To Maximize Instagram For Your Business

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