5 New Product Launch Steps

new product launch steps

What Is A Product Launch And These 5 New Product Launch Steps?

A product launch is a process which has the main  purpose of building a large sales momentum. Sales momentum gives your brand the opportunity to grow and prosper. You will add more customers, leads, expand your influence and convert more sales in the long haul. It is important to take the time to plan and execute the process carefully to have a successful event. Here are our 5 new product launch steps to success.

What Is A Product Launch? How Do You Do It Properly? Here Are Our 5 New Product Launch Steps To Success.

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1/ Generate A Buzz

Just like film makers use short trailers to create a buzz and advertise their latest films, you also need to release teasers in order to prepare your customers for what's coming. This is commonly known as 'salting'. Releasing brief videos on your new products details, how it works or a free special report are really effective methods to get your potential buyers ready psychologically to purchase your product when it is eventually, officially launched.

How To Launch A Product Online By Creating A Buzz

2/ Recruiting Affiliates / JVs

Leveraging just 1% of an armys effort is far better than doing 100% on your own! So, offer highly attractive sales commission payouts for your sales funnel and then affiliates will have more reason to promote your upcoming launch! The best places to go in order to start finding your own army of affiliates are JVNotifyPro.com and MunchEye.com among many others.

Use Affiliates And JVs As Part Of Your New Product Launch Strategy

3/ Run Launch Day Contests

Very typically, a launch phase lasts around 7 to 10 days. This is the period in which most of your sales are made. It is extremely important to motivate your affiliates, as much as possible, to keep pushing your offerin the early stages, typically the first few days,  whilst it is hot. So called Launch Contests may include: overall total sales contest, 'first affiliate to 50 sales' race, last 48 hours sales sprint, and so on. While most product launch owners often give cash prizes as their main incentive, you can also find other incentives in order to motivate your own affiliates such as gifts from exclusive stores, precious metals and even reciprocal mailing. Strive to be a little different!

New Product Launch Checklist: Don't Forget To Run Contests!

4/ Follow Up For A 100% Increase!

I bet you didn't know that sending a simple, follow-up email the very next day can potentially drum up your business by +100%! This is very much the key to getting noticed and will guarantee to boost your sales count considerably. It seems strange that so many people fail to do this 1 simple step! Anyway. Be relentless in all your email promotions and certainly do not discount other channels of marketing such as banner advertising and, of course, the use of social media.

New Product Launch 2019 - Follow Up With An Email

5/ Profit, Profit, Profit!

The initial phase of the launch is usually the most stressful, but if done correctly, the most lucrative. You must be constantly at your computer to make sure that your launch is running as smoothly as possible and that your sales/landing page is converting in exactly the way it should be. Done correctly, you can enjoy real big paydays that will last for a long, long time to come ... and in addition, a lot of new, fresh buyers in your database too! A real win,win situation for all your hard work.

Profit, Profit, Profit With These New Product Launch Steps

What Is A Product Launch? How Do You Do It Properly? Here Are Our 5 New Product Launch Steps To Success.

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Product Launch Infographic

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